• It is affordable and scalable

    Easy to pocket and great for marketing

  • It provides targeted reach

    You can target your ad to audience according to your strategy

  • Cover wider audience

    Most of the people today are on digital platforms so ads can be delivered to a wider audience.

  • Digital ads are multi-channel

    Ads can be shown in multiple channels and hence to a number of people.

  • Helps in brand awareness

    With regular ads people tend to remember your brand name more easily.

  • Create unique and quality ad

  • Explore rich media

  • Effective landing page adds to ad quality

  • Make sure the ads are mobile compatible

  • Take advantage of remarketing

  • Stick to your brand values

  • Measure and test ads before making them live

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    Digital ads promote and market your products and services via online modes like websites, social media platforms, blogs, etc. Digital ads are a form of marketing adopted by companies to reach a larger audience to promote or sell.

    Digital ad campaigns are made while keeping in mind the campaign's objective, the resources and budget, and the ideal client avatar. There are various ways through which companies can implement ad strategies like social media ads, influencer marketing etc.

    Digital ads are important because they help companies send tailor-made marketing copies to different types of audiences. Brands can run digital ads based on consumer behaviour patterns, online purchasing patterns, and demographics to enable better conversion rates.

    Digital ads can be effective if the campaign is made after considering the purpose of marketing and the objective of advertising. A good digital ad must have a clear message and a compelling call to action.

    The top digital ads platform for any brand are those channels where most of their target audience hangs out. Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads, amazon ads- different types of consumers can be marketed via different channels.

    Digital ads can be of different types. Some common types are display ads, social media advertisements, video ads, email marketing and search engine marketing. Display ads consist of images and text that displays as landing pages, popup ads etc.

    You can analyse the strategy of digital ads via various tools. Google Analytics will help you understand who all are visiting your website if your website traffic is low. Google trends will help you capture keywords to help you target the trending topics.