• Audience Connect

    Animated characters can portray humour and a range of other emotions that resonate with the audience

  • Increased Engagement On Social Media

    Nearly 92% of mobile video viewers share social media posts containing videos, with others

  • Aids Retention

    Animated content makes information memorable and stimulating thereby increasing retention

  • Great For Storytelling

    Animation blends together photos, videos, illustrations and infographics to tell compelling stories

  • SEO Booster

    Animations on your website make it rank higher on search engines

  • Improves User Experience

    Animated content leaves a great impression on the audience and has them coming back for more

  • Worthy Investment

    High quality animation gives a significant ROI making it value for money

  • Industry research & Idea collection

  • Writing a script

  • Creating a storyboard

  • Deciding the style & illustrations

  • Inserting suitable voice over & sound

  • Animating the video

  • Post production

  • Delivery

Some of our Video Animations

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    Animated videos are an excellent medium for conveying complex ideas to a wide audience in a way that everyone can understand. The use of animated video can increase the visibility of your most important points, as well as reduce their production and management costs.

    When you first start out using video marketing for your small business, you should focus on creating animated marketing videos. Marketing with rich animated video is all about educating your target audience about your company and the value you offer.

    An animated video is an efficient and engaging way for a brand to spread a simple message or clarify a complex idea. Incorporate animation into your marketing strategy in a variety of forms, from full-length videos on your website to short brand animations in your email campaigns.

    Animated videos have been shown to increase conversion rates and revenue. There is evidence that including video on a landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%, as reported by Invisia. Sales can be boosted in two ways with the help of video. Customers are more likely to make a purchase after being able to envision themselves benefiting from it.

    Marketing your product or service via videos is called "video marketing." It gives you a new way to connect with your audience, educates them, and boosts engagement on your digital and social channels. So video marketing is something you should not ignore.

    Videos do well as advertising tools because they incorporate audio and visual elements that appeal to multiple senses. It's easy to see why they're so popular when they're used to show people how to do something for the first time, or when they're used to demonstrate a product.