What is typography in Graphic Designing


“ Typography in graphic design is the technique and art of arranging words, fonts and message in such a order that it is pleasing to the eye, readable and delivering the right message”It is a skill that every web and graphics designer needs to master in order to deliver quality designs.It is the heart and soul of every design, both print and digital. There are two main purposes of using typography in any graphic design.  The first is to promote readability and clarity of the image, and second is to help communicate the proper message tone and sentiment. 


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In order to accomplish a visually attractive and creative graphic design, it is required to have a solid understanding and proper knowledge of typography design.

Difference between Typeface and fonts.

Typeface and fonts are entirely different terms and as a graphics designer it is important to know and understand the difference between the two.

Now let’s look at exactly what is the difference between the two.A family of fonts is known as Typeface.Some of the commonly known fonts are Ariel, Times New Roman etc. On the other hand, a font is a variation in typeface like bold , italics . In order to make it more clear, here is an image taking Times New Roman as Typeface and its various fonts on the other side. Hope this will make your understanding better.


If you want to level up your game of graphic designing then it is important to master the skill of proper font selection and pairing. Selecting and pairing fonts for a design is an art itself. The selected font should convey the emotion, tone and message of the creative graphic design. There are two different ways to pair up fonts. First is to use the same font in the heading as well as in content. Like we can use Bold Times New Roman in the heading and its regular font in the body part. The second case is where we use two different fonts in heading and body.Like using Times New Roman in heading  and Roboto in text.



It should be kept in mind that while pairing two interfaces in heading and body that there should be visible difference between the two. It is advised to avoid pairing two different typefaces with very little difference.


As we all know, converting an idea or written text into an image is not everyone’s cup of tea. Graphics designers work hard to do this and master the skill. It takes a lot of practice and an eye for details to make effective graphics designs. Be it a book cover, a social media post or a simple logo, it takes a lot of study and time to make it attractive and easy for the people viewing it. So lets understand as to why typography is important in Graphic designing

  • Deliver the message

With an effective use of typography, we can throw a light to the message an image is trying to convey. It becomes easier and simpler for a person viewing that creativity , to understand the message it is trying to convey.

  • Defines Hierarchy

In graphic designing another major use of typography is to create a hierarchy between the texts.

There are usually  three levels of hierarchy that are defined by typography, these are heading, sub-heading and body. In each level a different font is used or the same font with different sizing is used in order to differentiate between the three.

  • Build brand recognition

Have you ever faced difficulty in remembering logos of Pepsi, coca cola or disney. The answers would be No. They have used typography in such an amazing manner that you can easily visualize their logotype in your mind.Using the same logo and typeface with your logos and designs create a sense of familiarity and attachment between brand and its customers.

  • Establish a mood and tone of message.

Typography can have a major impact on the tone and mood of the message being delivered. It is important to focus  on the type of font used in any creative.  Same message with two different fonts can convey an entirely different message. So, it is important  for graphic designers to understand the tone of design and then use typography accordingly.

  • Draw Attention

One of the most important uses of typography in graphic designing is to draw attention to an important part of the image or towards a specific text. This can be achieved by increasing the size, using entirely different fonts, and using a contrast text color. Typography is an easy and effective technique to make your important text stand out of others.


Typography is an art and skill that takes a lot of time and practice to master. Graphic designs can make or break your web presence or print usage. When typography is combined with other designing techniques it can do wonders with creatives.There are many graphic designing courses online that can help you in designing graphics. There are also many institutes  running graphics design courses after the 12th. Get yourself enrolled in these and open your way to a successful career. With all this practice is the key, the more you practice and observe various designs the more you will understand how wide the scope of typography is.