• To stay in contact with your audience

    Regular E-mails provide a way keep your customers engaged and stay in touch in with them.

  • To reach more customers

    People usually read their E-mails on mobile so it becomes easy for more customers to access your mails.

  • To make it easy to measure

    E mail marketing software helps in measuring the marketing efforts and analyzes the important factors.

  • To Increase brand awareness

    By sending regular and quality content to your customers through E mail, you can increase their level of interest toward the brand and thus helps in brand awareness.

  • To do personalized and targeted messaging

    Personalization in mails helps a lot in gaining customers trust.

  • Decide the platform to be used

  • Create an audience list.

  • Create an E-mail Campaign

  • Design the mail according to goal

  • Check by sending test E-mail

  • Send the mails

  • Measure and analyze the results

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    Email marketing is the process of marketing your products, services, or brand by sending in personalised emails. These emails target a specific group of people by encouraging them to increase website visits and eventually make a purchase.

    Email marketing campaigns help in building a loyal audience and drive more traffic. Email marketing also helps in boosting sales by nurturing warm leads. Email marketing campaigns are also an excellent way to analyse the existing customer data & classify them as cold, warm or hot leads.

    The most important aspect of ensuring that people open your emails is writing catchy subject lines. Approximately 47% of people open emails based on the subject line. An effective email marketing campaign should be personalised and have crisp subject lines.

    Email marketing is the only marketing method that allows for a high level of personalisation. Email marketing also helps in data collection, evaluation, and cost reduction via automation and international reach.

    A good email marketing strategy means you must segment your email list on basic parameters. After that, you must send them personalised emails with catchy subject titles. You must also A/B test your emails and update your email list frequently.

    To assess the performance of your email marketing campaign, you can analyse some metrics. A high click-through rate means readers clicked on the links in your emails. A high bounce rate means that your mail did not reach the intended reader.

    You can opt for email newsletters to send your audience tips, tricks, and secrets and make announcements about the launches of your new products/services. You can also opt for promotional emails to drive sales and retention emails for communication.