• Brand Identity

    Packaging is the most important symbol of recognition for your brand Differentiation Unique packaging differentiates your products from competition

  • Attracts clientele

    Eye-catching packaging is a crowd puller

  • Drives buying decisions

    Studies show that attractive packaging drives one-third of the buying decisions

  • Brand Recall & Loyalty

    Distinctive packaging promotes recognition and recall of your brand and fosters brand loyalty

  • Establishes Trust

    Durable packaging protects products, preserves quality and gains the trust of customers

  • Functionality

    The purpose for which a product is used, influences its packaging

  • Graphic Design

    Decorative elements like colours, designs, and engravings that make your packaging attractive

  • Typography

    Distinctive typgraphy but readability is a must

  • Placing Written Information

    Ensuring that important product information does not get merged with the background

  • Shape and Dimensions

    Unique shapes of packaging enhances product appeal and brand image. Dimensions adapted for store shelves

  • Durability

    Packaging strong enough to withstand storage, transportation and handling

Packaging Design Work

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