By now everyone must have heard about the word Hashtag. It is not a new concept anymore. However, if you are someone new in the vast world of Social media then it is important for you to know about Hashtags, best hashtags for instagram and top hashtags.

Hashtags play a crucial role in increasing interest among your audience towards your social media account.  Nowadays, hastags are most commonly used on twitter and instagram. You can search for best hashtags for instagram or trending hashtags and use them according to your niche.

Hashtags are used by social media platforms to categorize your content. If we see from a user point of view, hashtag allow users to find content and posts according to their interest and also connect with people who share the same hashtags and have a common interest. If we talk about usage of hashtag from business point of view, it helps to connect with customers of your niche and establish your company’s name in certain topic.  If you want to change your game of social media marketing, then is  important to know proper usage of hashtag. One should know why, where and how to use hashtags.


Hashtags helps your content and posts to reach beyond your followers. It helps makes your content visible to anyone who follows the same hashtag and share the same interest.


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With increase in visibility, hashtags help in making your business as a brand and establish your name in the market. It all depends on how and what hashtags you are using. One should focus in using trending hashtags on instgram. Engage yourself in high traffic conversations by searching for  top hashtags.  It helps in getting more visibility to your business, more visibility means more traffic and in turn more lead generation.


Using hashtags on twitter can have major impact when it comes to increase your follower count.  If you use hashtags that are twitter trends then your tweet is most likely to reach wider audiences that are even not following you.

It is advised to always use short hashtags and do not flood your tweet with a lots of hashtags. Using too many hashtags can make users think that it has been done intentionally and looks overdone. Using long hashtags can also harm your social media marketing plan.


It is suggested to use more specific hashtag for instagram. This can help in building a larger audience for your business. To add to the usage of hashtag on instagram it is advised to use popular hashtags for instagram. Focus more on the hashtags that your audience is already using and are connecting with. This will help in creating more engagement with the customer and increased customer interest in your profile.


As we have read above that hashtags are beneficial in driving more traffic and increased reach but it is not same for all social media platforms. If we talk about Facebook and LinkedIn, hashtags do not work there. Studies have shown that there has been not much difference in reach and visibility by using hashtags. Infact posts without hashtag gains more visibility than the ones with hashtags.  LinkedIn and facebook are still working on making their platforms hashtags friendly as it is something that is in trend and everyone is using hashtags.

If you have still not used hashtags in your social media accounts then it never too late to try something that is trending. It will obviously help your business to grow and  reach great heights. It will surely help you in building a nice social media presence and more engagement in order to better your business.
Want to know something more about hashtags? Like which hastags to use where, check out out instagram reel below and clear all your doubts.


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