These days most businesses are aware about Content Marketing and its importance in growth of their business. But still there are many who are not fully aware about this and what roles can blogging or blog writing can play in their business growth.  By starting a blog and focusing in its quality, businesses can reach a great height with wider audience reach, more conversion along with trust and credibility among the targeted audience.

Still not sure as to how blogging can help in content marketing strategy? Read more to know and clear your doubts about the topic.



Before getting started with the main topic, let’s discuss what actually blogging is.

In 1997, Jorn Barger, A famous blogger for Robot Wisdom coined the term “ Weblog”. The term  weblog was then further shortened as blog by  programmer  Peter Merholz.

In early years ,blogging was just limited as personal pages where authors can share their information about various topics. It was later in time that blogs evolved as a website and as a tool for gain more visitors and get more customers to the business.

At the present time, blogging is not just a hobby or time pass, it is a form of online marketing and advertising. There are many famous bloggers who are earing decent living from just blog writing. Many have become online entrepreneurs by starting a blog and their website is among best blog website on the internet.

Blogging not just helps in keeping the website updated about various new things but also helps in attracting targeted audience and helps in keeping them engaged. In this way famous bloggers and businesses are able to get more leads and conversions.


We all are aware how important content marketing is attracting new customers and generating leads for the business. It also helps customer to stay updated about business and its services.

Blog writing

Now further in the article we will understand how writing blogs help in getting traffic and why it is an integral part of content marketing strategy.


Till now we have understood a lot about blogging, why it is done and other things. Now let’s understand the benefits of blogging.

  1. Increase in website traffic

There is no doubt in saying that blogs do increase your website traffic and audience interaction, so increasing your business volume and sales. It is a fact that businesses that blog experience twice as much as traffic in comparison to those who do not blog.

  1. Build Brand Awareness

It has been seen the more consistent and quality content you produce as a blog in your website, the much better will be your SEO. Blogs help a lot in your SEO process. Many marketing professionals agree that blogging is a powerful tool for creating awareness about the brand and telling people about your services.

  1. Improves and drives direct conversion

It is important to develop content with an effective CTA buttons on the page to which can direct your customers to sign up, create accounts and purchase services and products.

  1. Increases customer retention

If you are updating your content marketing strategy regularly that means that you are working on improving your client retention.  Most customers will find your brand helpful if your content and blogs are getting updated continuously. This also helps in building a trust in customers.  This will in turn help in getting more sales and more loyal customers.

  1. Build a social media community

Most of the customers these days rely on various social media platforms to purchase various stuffs and know their reviews. These kind of content are a lot in all social media platforms. You can build your community by adding relevant blog posts to your content marketing strategy.



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Wrapping up in a nutshell.

As we have understood that blogging is an effective strategy in content marketing. A blog can be anything, be it a DIY or some simple recipe. You don’t have to complicate it. There is no hard and fast rule to get things working with blogging.

Adding content and blogs to the website generates more traffic, more sales, helps in improving SEO ranking along with improving relationship with your customers.


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