How Demographic segmentation helps improve marketing efforts?


Today, the world is a smaller place. In a world where almost everyone has a smartphone and is connected to the Internet 24/7, marketers must adapt their strategies in order to reach their target audience efficiently. An effective marketing strategy needs to take into account not only where customers are but also how they feel about being reached. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever before and will not be influenced by unfair or misleading offers. The best way for marketers to gain the trust of their target audience is through understanding who they are first and then working toward gaining their approval. 

A recent study found that millennial are willing to pay as much as three times for an experience than a product or service. Therefore, in order to retain and attract this generation of consumers, businesses need to adopt different marketing strategies accordingly. Here comes the role of demographic segmentation. It helps marketers to reach a particular set of audience that are interested in their products and services. This helps build trust and rapport which can be used by both parties for future business transactions without any hiccups.

What is Demographic Segmentation?

Demographic segmentation is the practice of analyzing and understanding your target market to gain a better understanding of who they are and what motivated them to choose your product or service in the first place. All marketing efforts should consider the various segments within a market to gain better insight into the buying behavior of consumers. With the advent of new technologies, such as the Internet, it has become easier than ever for marketers to understand the buying behaviour of their target audience.

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In this article, we’ll discuss how demographic segmentation can help improve your marketing efforts.

There are a number of different ways to segment a population, but the most common method is to use demographic variables such as age, gender, income, education, and location. Businesses can use demographic segmentation to identify groups of consumers with similar needs and preferences. This information can then be used to tailor marketing messages and strategies to better appeal to these groups.

Why is Demographic Segmentation Important?

On a larger scale, demographic segmentation helps businesses understand their own customer base and build stronger customer relationships. By understanding which segments of your audience you have the upper hand in and which ones you need to focus on, you can create more effective marketing efforts in the future. This is especially important for marketplaces such as social networks where brands are competing for the same audience. By understanding which audiences are more interested in your brand, you can create more focused content or create different content that is more appealing to different audience segments.

Demographic segmentation can be an effective way to improve marketing efforts because it allows businesses to target specific groups of consumers that are more likely to be interested in their products or services. Additionally, when there are particular target groups to be focused then marketers can also save on their budget by showing promotional and information to only such group of people who are actually interested in that service or product.

What are the Different Types of Demographic Segmentation?

There are many different ways to segment your audience . Some of the important segmentation are:

By interests: This is probably the most common way to segment your audience. By looking at what type of products or services they enjoy, you can better understand their buying behavior and guide future marketing strategies.

By location: This is another common way to segment your audience. By choosing a location that is popular with your target audience, you can increase the chances of success of your marketing efforts. For instance if you are targeting your audience for woollen clothes in India. So there is no point targeting the audience in southern India as they won’t need woollen clothes. So the primary audience will be people from North and East India.

By gender: This is the most selective way to segment your audience. By choosing the gender of your audience, you can better understand their buying behaviour and guide future marketing efforts. For better understanding let’s assume that you are running a campaign for makeup products. So the primary audience will be females and not males.

By age: By knowing about the age group of your audience , you can choose platforms and marketing strategies accordingly. For example: For marketing toys and kids products, it is important to target those people who have kids and majorly in the age range of 25-35 years.

Education: This helps in strategy formulation and tone of conveying  your message to the audience. 

Race and Ethnicity:  Race, religion and ethnicity also impacts a lot in marketing efforts. Companies designing religious pendants or products need to target their audience accordingly.

Marital status: For companies dealing in baby products and products for new mothers, it is important to target married people. Targeting unmarried people for such products won’t give much profit.

Occupation: For companies selling pharmaceutical products knowing their target market is important. They target their ads towards doctors or pharmacists who can use and understand the product

How can Companies use Demographic segmentation for marketing

It is important for companies to know about their audience for running any kind of marketing campaign. Demographic segmentation helps them in the following:

Social Media Marketing: When going on social media for marketing there are several crores of people, so understanding your audience is vital for proper result and ROI. It is important to know which social media platform is mostly used by your audience in order to direct your marketing efforts towards that platform.

Paid Ads: When running paid ads it is important to target your ads to specific audiences otherwise a lot of budget will be wasted in showing ads to irrelevant audiences. Before running any ad campaign it is important to know about your audience.

Marketing campaign strategies: While formulating any strategy of marketing campaign, it is crucial to first understand the age , gender and location of your audience. By knowing that you can select the content type, language of campaign and many other deciding things for a successful campaign.


Demographic segmentation is an important tool for marketers, as it can help them to better understand their target audience and improve their marketing efforts. By understanding the demographics of their target audience, marketers can more effectively tailor their campaigns to appeal to them. Additionally, demographic segmentation can help marketers to identify potential new markets for their products or services.

Marketers must take into account the various segments within their audience when designing their marketing plans. By segmenting your audience, you will be able to understand their buying behaviour and gain a better understanding of your own customers. By segmenting your audience, you will be able to understand your customers better which will lead to better customer service and more loyalty from your customers.